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 System  Contact-Free, 5 Beam Optical Record Player

 Drawer system (Open/Close)
 Automatic lead-in, lead-out
 Programming (Max. 15 songs)
 Forward and back scan (2 speed)
 Forward and back search
 Cueing (Muting)
 Total, Elapsed, Remaining time
 Record size, Revolution
 Record Type  Black Records
 Drive System  Computer Controlled Belt-Drive system

 Speed Control

 Record Size
 30 ~ 50rpm
 0.1rpm steps
 60 ~ 90rpm
 0.2rpm steps

 30 ~ 50rpm
 0.1rpm steps
 60 ~ 90rpm
 0.2rpm steps

 30 ~ 50rpm
 0.1rpm steps

 Frequency  20Hz - 25kHz
 Distortion  <0.5% DIN45 543 1kHz Ref. Level
 Wow & Flutter  <0.07% WRMS
 Power Supply Voltage  100V 50/60Hz, 120, 220, or 240V Available
 Power Consumption  80W (Max.)
 Size  473mm(W) x 480mm(D) x 170mm(H)
 Weight  23kg

Additional Specifications:
The Laser Turntable connects to your pre-amp from outputs located under the FUNCTION switch, "MONO," "LEFT," "RIGHT." (Input impedance 47k ohm)

Design and specifications change with each upgrade.


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